NHLP and Partners File Amicus Brief in Five Cases Opposing the Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule

On September 12, the National Housing Law Project along with the Food Research & Action Center, Center for Law and Social Policy, and other groups filed an amicus brief in five cases opposing the Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule. The amicus brief argues that the Public Charge Rule will result in immigrants forgoing crucial public benefits that promote self-sufficiency and that by foregoing benefits, the end result will be greater housing instability, homelessness, hunger and illness. The brief was drafted and filed with the assistance of the law firm of Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP.

NHLP and partners filed the amicus brief in the following cases:

Update: Judge Phyllis Hamilton, who is presiding over the three cases filed in the Northern District of California, did not permit the filing of the amicus briefs in that venue. Judge Hamilton left open the possibility that the briefs could be considered at a later phase of the litigation.