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Green Book 5th Edition

What Is the Green Book? NHLP’s HUD’s Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights, widely known as “The Green Book,” is the definitive treatise on the laws governing HUD’s housing programs. For anyone working with tenants, this is a must-have resource. From attorneys, advocates, and organizers, to housing authorities, city planners and real estate developers, the Green Book provides a clear description and detailed analysis of nearly all aspects of HUD housing programs. The manual includes new policies, emergent case law, and regulatory changes that shape the legal framework for cases that impact HUD tenants. The Green Book also contains unpublished court decisions, hard-to-find memos, and legal theories and strategies, providing a comprehensive treatise on evictions, subsidy terminations, affordable housing preservation and much... Read More »

Amicus Briefs Defending Eviction Moratoria

El Papel v. City of Seattle eviction moratorium. Amicus Brief filed in Ninth Circuit seeking to affirm trial court’s ruling that the State of Washington’s eviction moratorium during Covid-19 was not a taking. Brief explains how temporarily disallowing the eviction of tenants that landlords voluntarily admitted to rental properties is neither a physical taking nor an excessively onerous regulation under the regulatory takings test set forth in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. City of New York, 438 U.S. 104 (1978). Brief drafted by Democracy Forward Foundation and filed on behalf of NHLP, Appleseed Foundation, Alliance for Justice, International Municipal Lawyers’ Association, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under Law, and Western Center on Law & Poverty. CDC halt order: Fifth Circuit  – Terkel... Read More »

Green Book and Other Resources

NHLP conducts a range of webinars and in-person trainings.  A selection of our training webinars is available here and we are working to make more of them available. In addition we produce a range of publications from the Greenbook to manuals, white papers and other items to assist attorneys, organizers and advocates. Read More »

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

The struggle to find and maintain safe, decent, and affordable housing is a reality for families nationwide. Even when such housing is available, these units may not be located in areas with access to schools that serve student needs; good jobs; and easily accessible, reliable public transit options – particularly for persons of color, immigrants, families with children, and persons with disabilities. Such disparities are the result of a long series of laws, policies, and practices that entrenched patterns of segregation and poverty. For example, the segregation of public housing led to segregated concentrations of low-income families that persist to this day. The passage of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) sought to address the pervasive housing discrimination that existed during... Read More »

NHLP Commends White House for Federal Commitment on Tenants’ Rights

The Biden-Harris Administration released its Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released its Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights, a timely and much-needed recognition that tenant protections are important for a well-functioning housing market. The showcases commitments by federal agencies to advance tenant rights, and it provides a five-principle framework: (1) access to safe, quality, accessible and affordable housing, (2) clear and fair leases, (3) education, enforcement, and enhancement of renter rights, (4) the right to organize, and (5) eviction prevention, diversion, and relief.   “Rental housing used to be a local industry, but it is increasingly dominated by national and multinational entities,” said NHLP’s Executive Director Shamus Roller. “The... Read More »

Civil Rights Groups Applaud HUD’s Release of Critical Fair Housing Rule

Rule Is Major Step in Right Direction to Advance Fair and Affordable Housing and Strengthen Communities (January 20, 2022) Leading civil rights and housing policy organizations issued the following statement applauding HUD for releasing the Proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule:   “Today’s action by U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia L. Fudge in releasing an updated Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) proposed rule is an important step toward creating more equitable and affordable housing opportunities and stronger, more viable neighborhoods. Our organizations urged the Biden-Harris administration to prioritize restoring inclusive fair housing rules that were previously weakened or ignored, and that ensure everyone lives in healthy, well-resourced, vibrant... Read More »

Trump-Era Public Charge Lawsuit Comes to a Close

Supreme Court Shuts Down Attempts to Revive Cruel Public Charge Rule but the Legal Fight Continues (January 10, 2023) The Supreme Court yesterday declined to review whether Texas and other states can reopen litigation challenging the Trump administration’s 2019 public charge rule. The 2019 rule punished people seeking permanent resident status in the United States if they use—or are deemed likely to use in the future—public supports to meet their family’s basic health, housing and nutrition needs.  The Trump administration’s 2019 public charge rule effectively denied millions of immigrant families health care, housing and economic support. An estimated 2.1 million essential workers and household members went without Medicaid and 1.3 million did not receive help through the Supplemental Nutrition... Read More »

Housing Justice Network Awards

David B. Bryson Memorial Award David B. Bryson worked for NHLP for nearly 25 years, and over the course of his career, dedicated his exceptional talents to improving the housing conditions of extremely low-income people. He brought major housing impact cases and assisted others in bringing such cases. He wrote extensively, provided thorough and thoughtful advice, and fought for legislation to preserve and expand the rights of federally assisted residents. His career was full of extraordinary accomplishments and service to co-workers, colleagues, and allies. The Bryson Award honors an individual who carries out the principles exemplified by David Bryson and carries on his legacy of stalwart and selfless pursuit of housing justice. The recipient of the Bryson Memorial Award... Read More »

Protections for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence face a number of serious housing problems related to the acts of violence committed against them. In reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, Congress recognized that families are being discriminated against, denied access to, and even evicted from housing because of their status as survivors. Legal services providers have reported hundreds of cases where tenants were evicted because of acts of domestic and sexual violence committed against them. Focusing on defending survivors’ rights to maintain rental housing is particularly crucial because women living in rental housing experience domestic violence at three times the rate of women who own their homes. Further, domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among survivors... Read More »

Housing Justice Network Conference

OCTOBER 29-31, 2022 Washington D.C. After two years of virtual meetings and trainings, we were able to gather in person for the 2022 HJN Conference! The conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues and build our collective capacity to advance housing justice for low-income families across the country. We learned, reflected, and grew professionally as network members from across the country shared successful client strategies, studied emerging issues, identified policy priorities, and enjoyed thought provoking plenary speakers. If you attended this years HJN Conference you have access to the conference materials by clicking the button below. The password can be found in your email. Check out the... Read More »