David B. Bryson & Sylvia M. Brennan Memorial Funds

Fostering new generations of housing justice advocates
The National Housing Law Project (NHLP) established the David B. Bryson & Sylvia M. Brennan Memorial Funds in 2006 to honor our two former colleagues who were highly respected and well loved by the staff at NHLP and fellow advocates in the larger world of housing justice.

Both David and Sylvia found their meaningful life’s work in using the power of law to advance the right of each person to a decent, safe, and affordable home. In committing their passion and talents to housing justice, each left legacies that are reflections of their individual characters and lessons for all of us.

NHLP’s David B. Bryson and Sylvia M. Brennan Memorial Funds continue David’s and Sylvia’s work by fostering the development of new generations of attorneys engaged in housing law to benefit our country’s most vulnerable — the poor, the elderly, and the disabled.

With the help of established friends as well as new supporters, the David B. Bryson and Sylvia M. Brennan Funds will continue to cultivate the brightest and best upcoming advocates who seek, through careers in public interest law, to move our country’s disadvantaged and vulnerable people closer to realizing their human right to housing.

Gifts made to the Bryson & Brennan Memorial Funds are considered restricted for use in conjunction with the intent of the funds. All gifts are tax-deductible.

NHLP welcomes multi-year pledges of support to the memorial fund program. If you have questions regarding the funds, pledges or other giving options including planned gifts, bequests, gifts of stock or equities, please contact Susan Stern at the National Housing Law Project at 415-546-7000, ext 3110.