NHLP Litigation

NHLP is always on the look-out for opportunities to bring our expertise to bear in impact litigation, both in trial and appellate courts, on important matters relating to housing for low-income individuals and families.  This work includes cases strengthening or guarding the rights of tenants and low-income homeowners, advancing or defending protections against unfair discrimination in housing and housing-related services, preserving precious affordable housing stock, and other cases with the potential to significantly affect access to and quality of affordable housing for low-income persons.

Hayes v. Harvey (3rd Circuit) defining “good cause” in an enhanced voucher case.

McMahon v. JP Morgan Chase (9th Circuit) on the procedural protections in the California Homeowners Bill of Rights

Bayview Plaza Tenants Association et al v. Bouma et al– (W.D. Wash.) Suit to enforce the use restrictions following the prepayment of a USDA loan

McFalls et al v. Perdue, et al– (D. Or.) Challenging the prepayment of a USDA 515 loan and the legality of the agency’s regulation

Active Cases

Arroyo v. Corelogic Rental Property Solutions, LLC

U.S. District Court – District of Connecticut

Cause No. 3:18-cv-00705-VLB

Filing Date: April 24, 2018

Claims: Fair Housing Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act

Partners: Connecticut Fair Housing Center

NHLP Role: Co-Counsel for Plaintiffs


Fletcher Properties et al. v. City of Minneapolis

Minnesota Court of Appeals

Case No. A18-1271

Issue: constitutionality of Minneapolis Ordinance No. 2017-078, which prohibits discrimination housing based on the use of housing vouchers or other “public assistance” benefits to pay rent.

Partners: Poverty & Race Research Action Council, Housing Justice Center

NHLP Role: Amicus Curiae in support of City of Minneapolis


Brief of Amicus Curiae

Yim v. City of Seattle

U.S. District Court – Western District of Washington

Cause No. 2:18-cv-736-JCC

Issue: constitutionality of Seattle’s “Fair Chance Ordinance,” which prohibits the denial of rental housing based on most criminal records.

Partners: Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

NHLP Role: Amicus Curiae in support of City of Seattle


Brief of Amicus Curiae