US Capitol at night

Advocacy and Litigation

The National Housing Law Project engages in both advocacy and litigation to advance its interests.


We engage in federal advocacy, working on the federal budget, legislation and regulatory advocacy with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), USDA Rural Development, the Department of Justice and other agencies.  We provide comments on proposed rules and guidance, lobby on Capitol Hill and work closely with members of Congress behind the scenes. In addition to our federal work we engage in local and state advocacy.  Given our historical tie to California, we engage more closely on state advocacy in California but also work closely on projects throughout the country that break new ground or are replicable in other states or jurisdictions. See our advocacy webpage for more information.


NHLP co-counsels on litigation and submits amicus briefs on cases that are likely to have significant impact on housing rights.  Only under exceptional circumstances have we been lead counsel in a case, preferring to serve as co-counsel or of counsel.  Our most common partners are legal services organizations but we are willing to co-counsel with other mission driven organizations. See our litigation webpage for recent and ongoing cases.