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The pandemic put tremendous pressure on families and revealed the failures of the nation’s housing system. This public revelation opened a window to increase housing funding and improve tenants’ rights.

During COVID, the National Housing Law Project has worked non-stop on evictions and state landlord-tenant law issues. While the pandemic laid bare how few rights most tenants have, it has created an opportunity for change, a moment when we can—together—improve access to counsel, improve tenants’ rights, and reduce evictions.

As we chart a course forward with new government resources and greater urgency, we cannot forget how we got here and who has carried the most burden. The questions for the NHLP’s work and for us as a country are, how do we remedy the mistakes of the past? How do we end racial segregation in our cities? How do we confront the influx of corporate capital and other new challenges of the housing market?

We need your support to take on these challenges.

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Advocating for change at the federal and state levels, supporting local innovation, and increasing the capacity of the housing justice movement will all be crucial to take advantage of this moment. At the foundation of NHLP’s mission is building up other organizations and promoting other leaders. We will not and cannot do this alone; we will continue to build partnerships and commitments with small organizing groups and large national groups around the country.

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NHLP welcomes multi-year pledges of support. If you have any questions regarding the funds, pledges or would like to discuss any other giving options including planned gifts, bequests, gifts of stock or equities, please contact: Susan Stern (, phone: 415-432-5710.