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National Housing Law Project
A 50 Year Legacy

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For 50 years, NHLP has filled many roles as we work to advance the right to housing. At the hub of an expansive network, NHLP supports local advocates and in turn, these partners educate us to realities at the grassroots of our country’s housing landscape. We carry the voices of the low-income families we serve to change makers and policy architects by highlighting the real housing challenges of low income tenants.

At NHLP’s 50th anniversary, we celebrate:

  • Hundreds of thousands of homes preserved.
  • Creation of basic tenants’ and homeowners’ rights.
  • Priorities reflected in federal housing programs and policies.
  • Increased understanding of the intersectional nature of housing with pressing social issues.
  • Countless thousands of attorneys and advocates armed with knowledge and resources.
  • High impact litigation.


In 2019, we will break ground in housing rights, just as we’ve done for 50 years. Please support NHLP in these efforts.

Improving Housing Access and Stability

NHLP will continue its efforts to improve housing
rights, particularly for people who have added
challenges associated with domestic violence,
disabilities, and criminal records. We will advocate
for improvements to the Violence Against Women
Act. We will partner with grassroots coalitions
to establish local ordinances that give people
reentering the community a fair chance at a place to
live, allow survivors to seek emergency assistance
without risking evictions, and honor rights to
reasonable accommodations for people who need
them in order to stay in their homes.

Protecting Tenants and Improving Housing Law and Policies

NHLP will partner with local legal services and
housing advocates to protect tenants and uphold
RAD rules as increasing numbers of jurisdictions
seek to convert their housing. We will serve as
watchdogs to jurisdictions whose RAD conversions
construe thinly veiled efforts to divest of troubled
developments while sidestepping program rules for
tenant protection. We will work with local advocates
to enforce residents’ rights to healthy homes in
cash-starved traditional public housing.

Advancing Fair Housing and Other Federal Housing Rights

We are co-counsel in groundbreaking litigation
against tenant screening companies who
disproportionately deny rental applicants who are
people of color and those with disabilities. We will
work with state agencies and partners to create
and implement fair housing protections as state
level covers to negative federal actions. NHLP
will represent housing advocates in the national
Protecting Immigrant Families campaign, formed
to fight Trump’s proposed Public Charge Rule that
targets families seeking basic services such as food
and housing.

Preserving Affordable Homes

NHLP will continue its track record of successful
litigation challenges against owners and the USDA
to save rural homes at risk and to seek protection
vouchers for tenants at risk of displacement. In
the annual budget skirmish to fund project-based
Section 8 contracts, now requiring in excess of
$11 billion each year, NHLP will work closely
with Congressional allies to ensure an adequate
budget. NHLP will continue its Low Income Tax
Credits Housing Preservation Initiative. Like much
of NHLP’s early preservation efforts in other
programs, we will work to create new preservation
laws to safeguard against massive loss of tax
credit units to market rate in the coming years.

NHLP welcomes multi-year pledges of support. If you have any questions regarding the funds, pledges or would like to discuss any other giving options including planned gifts, bequests, gifts of stock or equities, please contact:

Susan Stern (, phone: 415-432-5710 at the National Housing Law Project.

Visit NHLP’s online giving page.