Presidential Election 2020

Our nation is in the midst of a long overdue national conversation about housing. The economic devastation of COVID-19 and a reckoning on police brutality have and further exposed a system rife with race, gender, and other discrimination. As we prepare for the next presidential term, the candidates must acknowledge what housing advocates have been saying for years: our federal housing system is broken, and it’s time for a renewed commitment to just and effective housing policy that serves tenants and improves outcomes for low-income households and communities of color.

With the National Housing Law Project more than 50 years’ experience fighting for housing justice and strengthening federal law and programs, and informed by the strong network of legal aid and housing justice attorneys across the country, we have created a series of policy papers in the final month of the 2020 election. We have analyzed the candidates’ housing priorities throughout their campaigns, and used our expertise and deep passion to provide frameworks for the formal transition that will strengthen our institutions and repair housing policy.

Take a look at some of our ideas below.  This is not a comprehensive list but it includes some of the top issues NHLP works on.  Watch this space for additional ideas from us and our partners:

  • End the U.S. Evictions Crisis – NHLP proposes a federal response that will minimize the number of evictions occurring, and will mitigate the lasting effects of evictions.
  • Expand and Improve Federal Housing Voucher Programs – NHLP recommends generous increases in funding from congress, policies that make vouchers competitive and usable in rental markets, and improvements to the mobility and choice opportunities for voucher holders.
  • Preserve and Expand Federal Housing Programs – The coming administration needs to demonstrate a commitment to federal housing programs – representing approximately 8.4 million units of affordable housing in this country – to restore the promise of a housing safety net.
  • Strengthen Tenants’ Rights – NHLP has developed a proposal for baseline uniform tenants’ rights and incentives for states to better protect their tenants.