4B. Designing, Implementing, and Defending Source of Income Discrimination Laws

This workshop will highlight best practices in the drafting and enforcement of source-of-income discrimination laws to protect Housing Choice Voucher families, and will also cover techniques used in successful campaigns to pass local laws, community outreach to introduce a new source-of-income discrimination ordinance to the community, and common attacks on these ordinances by landlord groups, and how to counter them.


AAGLA City of Santa Monica’s draft Notice of Motion and Motion for Summary

AAGLA Conformed Notice of Motion & Motion to Intervene_ P&As_ [Proposed]

AAGLA Interveners-Defendants’ Notice of Motion & Motion for Summary

AAGLA v. City of Santa Monica Complaint to Intervene

CBPP 2018 report on SOI laws

Post v SF Amicus Brief for – Tenants Together

Post v SF city brief

Post v SF decision

Post v SF pl brief

PT SOI slides

SD Municipal Code SOI – Article 08 Housing (1)

SOI in San Diego for NOLA

Source of Income Discrimination and Fair Housing Policy by Tighe and

Washington SOID Bill