2C. Enhanced Vouchers A to Z: What, Where, and How to Use Them

As more Section 8 project-based developments are at risk of opting out of continued participation in the HUD subsidy program, either due to gentrification or other market factors, subsidized housing tenants are at risk of displacement and loss of subsidy. Enhanced Vouchers can be a powerful tool to helping tenants remain in their homes for years and sometimes decades. This workshop will cover the statutory basis for Enhanced Vouchers, strategies for finding where they currently exist in your area, understanding how to work with owners, housing authorities and tenants going through the opt-out process, and litigation and advocacy tips for using good cause to protect Enhanced Voucher tenant’s right to remain in their homes. The workshop will include an overview of the recent federal case law supporting the right to remain and a blueprint for when and how advocates can pursue this kind of litigation when necessary.

Case Law Overview

Enhanced Voucher Statute

EV Lease Addendum NHLP Sample dr3

EV+ Awards (2003-2016)

FY 2017 TPV Awards (Mar. 29, 2018)

HUD EV brochure (Aug. 2017)

HUD Letter Regarding Enhanced Vouchers 2014

HUD Notice Regarding Enhanced Vouchers 2001

HUD Section 8 Renewal Policy 2018

NHLP-HJN Enhanced Voucher proposed rule comments (final 12.16)