NHLP Statement on HUD’s Publication of its Proposed Changes Regarding Disparate Impact

On August 19, the Trump Administration put forth another proposal that undermines our basic civil rights protections. Disparate impact is a core legal principle that protects people from unlawful discrimination. HUD’s proposal will essentially gut this important legal tool.

HUD’s proposed rule would allow policies and practices which discriminate against people based on race, disability, gender, and a range of other factors to go unchecked. Housing discrimination has contributed to income inequality, segregation, poverty, and human misery. NHLP stands opposed to this administration’s efforts to make those things worse.

HUD is entrusted with the responsibilities of enforcing the Fair Housing Act and promoting equal housing opportunity for all. The agency is doing the exact opposite.

In the coming days and weeks, NHLP will be working to ensure that all who support fair, inclusive, and affordable housing will make their voices heard in opposition to this proposal.