David Brady Bryson

David Bryson distinguished himself as a tireless defender of the housing rights of the poor and as a brilliant legal professional. His work with NHLP spanned nearly 30 years and advanced his core belief in the ethical duty of the federal government to make decent and affordable housing available to all, regardless of income, race or disability.

His legendary contributions to the world of housing litigation include many landmark cases that advanced tenants’ fundamental rights. Attorneys, scholars, and activists sought his sage counsel as did policymakers who found his expertise indispensable in developing critical protections that endure to this day.

In his varied roles as an attorney, teacher, writer, or advisor, David’s innate decency was a hallmark of his tireless efforts and set a high standard for others to follow. In 1999, when the California State Bar awarded the Loren Miller Legal Services award to David, NHLP’s former executive director David Madway expressed the admiration so widely shared by colleagues: “David is the best of us. I have never encountered anyone with a greater or more determined sense of integrity.”

David’s historic contributions to housing justice provide an enduring legacy for all of us who continue to pursue his dream of affordable housing for all.

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