2015 HJN Meeting Materials

Below are the conference materials for the Housing Justice Network National Meeting held in Oakland, CA on December 11-12, 2015.

Agenda for One-Day Training for New Practitioners
This substantive training held on December 10th preceded the national meeting. It provided a comprehensive overview of the federal housing programs, recent changes, current trends, and issues facing practitioners. A copy of the training agenda is available here. All training materials were handed out on site.

National Meeting Agenda and Workshop Descriptions
Agenda at a Glance
Agenda with Workshop Descriptions

Meeting Materials
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Plenary 1: Housing and Economic Mobility
Plenary 2: A New Era of Fair Housing – Disparate Impact and the Obligation to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing


1A. Nuts and Bolts of Litigating Against Housing Authorities
1B. Practical Application of the Reasonable Accommodation Defense in Evictions
1C. Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD): Securing Tenants’ Rights
1D. Affordable Housing in an Era of Climate Change

2A. Local Nuisance and Crime Free Ordinances:
Advocacy and Litigation Strategies
2B. Using Racial Justice Advocacy to Increase Housing Opportunity
2C. Energy Improvements and Utility Allowances
2D. Understanding and Improving Local Voucher Utilization and Success Rates
3A. Challenging Admissions Barriers to Housing for People with Criminal Records
3B. Regional Planning and Inclusionary Zoning: Strategies for Breaching the Barricades to Opportunity and Combating Displacement
3C. Renters’ Rights in Foreclosed Properties
3D. Beyond the Smoke-Filled Room: Policy Advocacy for Legal Services

4A. Housing, Not Handcuffs: Ending the Criminalization of Homelessness and Promoting the Right to Housing
4B. Fair Housing and Neighborhood Rights: Using the New Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule to Advance Access to Opportunity and Racial Equity
4C. Housing and Disability Civil Rights Practice: the New Landscape
4D. Low Income Housing Tax Credits 101

5A. Wait a Minute: Slowing Down Criminal Activity Eviction Cases to Find the Truth
5B. Disparate Impact and Fair Housing Enforcement
Post-Inclusive Communities Project
5C. Low Income Housing Tax Credit Advocacy
5D. Innovative Approaches to Preserving Project-based Section 8 Housing

6A. Right to Counsel in Housing Cases
6B. Developing an Effective Mobility Program
6C. VAWA 2013: Update on Implementation and Enforcement
6D. Enforcing Language Access Rights in Housing

7A. State Laws and Local Ordinances Prohibiting Voucher Discrimination
7B. Getting Ready to Implement the New National Housing Trust Fund
7C. Combating Gentrification: Where Do We Go from Here?
7D. Aging in Place: Jeopardy Style