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Responding to Work Requirements, Rent Increases, Funding Cuts, and Other Terrible Federal Proposals

The federal budgets for 2018 and 2019 propose to drastically reduce funding for affordable housing. Simultaneously, HUD is proposing to raise rents on vulnerable tenants, impose harmful work requirements, and decrease accountability of private landlords and public housing authorities. These harmful proposals are unconscionable, misguided, and will only exacerbate the affordable housing crisis facing many local communities. These proposals fail to recognize that affordable housing is an essential component of racial and civil equality and a critical foundation for education, health, employment, social engagement, and opportunity. Join us as we discuss these federal proposals, how low-income tenants will be impacted, and what you can do to respond.

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The Powerpoint slides are available here.

Here are some other helpful materials:

  • NHLP’s summary of HUD’s proposals to increase tenant rents, impose work requirements, and decrease accountability of HUD and owners can be found here.
  • NLADA’s Guide to LSC Restrictions can be found here.
  • CBPP’s state-by-state data about the impact of the President’s FY 19 budget proposal can be found here.
  • CBPP’s state-by-state data about the impact of proposed rent increases can be found here.
  • CBPP’s data about work requirements can be found here.
  • Additional CBPP graphs about employment, earnings, and length of stay for households receiving rental assistance can be found here.
  • See the Government Accountability Office’s report about the Moving to Work demonstration program here and NHLP’s summary of that report here.