January 22, 2015: Housing Rights for Survivors Who Have Interacted with the Criminal Justice System: Admissions and Nuisance Ordinances

Survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking may have interacted with the criminal justice system in ways that could potentially prevent them from accessing safe, affordable housing. Oftentimes, the interaction is directly related to the acts of abuse committed against them. Unfortunately, some survivors are denied subsidized housing due to being formerly incarcerated or otherwise interacting with police. This webinar provides an overview of the intersection between an individual’s interaction with the criminal justice system and its impact on housing applicants seeking federally assisted housing. Specific topics to be covered include (1) basic rules regarding admission to federally assisted housing; (2) a discussion of strategies and considerations for individuals working with housing providers to assist survivors who have engaged with the criminal justice system in obtaining housing; (3) examples of existing housing policies that permit individuals who have engaged with the criminal justice system (formerly incarcerated individuals) to access housing; and (4) the issue of nuisance ordinances as enforced against survivors who call the police for assistance.

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