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Equitable Smoke-Free Policies in Public Housing

In celebration of the National Housing Law Project’s (NHLP) release of A Guide to Equitable Smoke-Free Public Housing, this webinar discusses the best practices for equitable implementation and enforcement of smoke-free policies. This guide is a resource for Public Housing Authorities, tenants, and advocates who are seeking to find the proper balance between two important public health issues– promoting smoke-free environments and ensuring access to affordable, stable housing. While the guide focuses on HUD’s Public Housing smoke-free rule, the philosophy of equitable implementation and enforcement can be applied to all types of rental housing. NHLP is joined by Kara Skahen, Program Director of Live Smoke-Free: Smoke-Free Housing, who discusses the importance of partnerships in creating, implementing, and enforcing smoke-free policies.

For more information, please contact Bridgett Simmons, bsimmons@nhlp.org.