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Millennia Resistance Campaign Demands HUD Protect Tenants Ahead of Former Millennia Property Sales

HUD Has Duty to Protect Thousands of Tenants Living at Former Millennia Properties Whose Homes Are At-Risk of Being Transferred to New Corporate Landlords

ATLANTA— The Millennia Resistance Campaign today sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), demanding the agency protect tenants by being critical of any proposed purchaser of properties sold by Millennia Housing Management, LTD. Millennia is one of the largest owners and managers participating in HUD’s project-based Section 8 program. Late last year, Millennia announced the sale of most of its subsidized multifamily housing. The Millennia Resistance Campaign urges HUD to exercise its full authority to ensure that those properties—and all others that are sold—receive the repairs and investment they desperately need so that impacted tenants have decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

“We are deeply concerned about how HUD will use its approval authority when reviewing proposed purchasers for Millennia’s properties. HUD must ensure that any sale is in the best interest of the tenants and will result in immediate improvement of living conditions for families,” said Foluke Nunn, a community organizer with the Atlanta Economic Justice Program of the American Friends Service Committee.  

“We seek to partner with HUD to help protect the millions of tenants who live in Section 8 communities. These sales offer HUD the chance to say yes to this new partnership, and preserve and improve these properties for current and future families. HUD must commit to transfer these properties to capable and responsible buyers who will put the families and tenants who live in them above their bottom line.”

The campaign urges HUD to take the following actions regarding the property sales:

  • HUD must not authorize the sale of all or a large portion of Millennia’s portfolio to a single purchaser.
  • HUD must scrutinize a proposed purchaser’s ability to appropriately finance and renovate the property. This includes questioning whether the sale price could impede necessary repairs and if the purchaser has a proven history of working collaboratively with affected communities.
  • HUD must use its authority to only approve a sale that meets the physical, financial, and social needs of each property.
  • Tenants must be partners that HUD consults when developing or assessing capital needs assessments and preservation plans.
  • HUD must launch a national investigation into Millennia and other problem owners with a pattern of failing to maintain HUD housing.

The full text of the letter may be found here.

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