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Please Give to NHLP's Annual Campaign

We ask for your generous support of our annual campaign so NHLP can continue to serve as the voice of poor and marginalized people, as it has done for 47 years.

Your gift to NHLP provides us with the capacity to respond to emerging housing issues in a timely and effective manner. Your help moves us forward.

When You Give to NHLP, You Make a Difference!

Funding from individual donors allows NHLP to continue its work on behalf of low income tenants and homeowners whose housing is threatened by budget cuts, policy changes and the harsh effects of the sequestration.

Our donors allow NHLP to provide expert assistance to local advocates and housing attorneys, so that the hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom are elderly or disabled, have an effective defense against wrongful evictions or displacement.

Your support allowed NHLP to stand in Sharon Green’s defense when her role as a tenant leader threatened to cost her a decent and affordable home. No one should lose a home as punishment for seeking improved safety and to visit this punishment on a 71year old is simply inexcusable. We are happy to share Sharon's story, which was featured in AARP magazine in 2013. Your help allows NHLP to protect her and other vulnerable tenants.

Your donation to NHLP's David Bryson and Sylvia Brennan Memorial Funds will support the next generation of public interest housing attorneys. Our first David Bryson Fellow, Karlo Ng, shares her personal story of why your support of these opportunities is so important.

As NHLP celebrates its 47th years of advancing housing justice we celebrate the hundreds of thousands of affordable homes that we have saved for families who need them – and we gratefully acknowledge to our donors:

Your help moves us forward.

When you donate to NHLP, one of eight organizations worldwide recognized in 2007 for its outstanding effectiveness and creativity by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, you can feel assured that your gift will be used wisely. Please visit awards for more information about the MacArthur Award.

For more information about how you can support NHLP, contact our Development Director, Susan Stern, at (415) 546-7000 Ext. 3110 or by email at

With Your Help and NHLP's Work, Charles' Home Was Saved, Charles, a 71-year old Ohio resident, is one of thousands of rural homeowners who have defaulted on a mortgage backed by the USDA. Burdened by tremendous expenses related to his wife’s terminal illness, he fell behind on his mortgage. After his wife died, the USDA began garnishing part of his Social Security income and later captured his income tax refund. NHLP cast a public spotlight on USDA's punitive practices. Read more about Charles' story...

And Sharon's Housing Rights Were Upheld. When 71-year old Sharon moved into senior housing, she was happy to find a decent, affordable home with a rent subsidized by the local redevelopment authority. An ardent tenant leader, she advocated for improved safety and helped neighbors resolve problems with their housing agency. NHLP was alerted when Sharon received an unexpected eviction notice. Read more about Sharon's story...

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