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NHLP Webinar: Prepayments, Maturing Mortgages, and Foreclosures: Protecting Seniors and Others from Rural Development Rental Housing Displacement

Join NHLP on October 21, for a free 90-minute webinar on how to protect residents of USDA rental housing from displacement when USDA Rural Development (RD) rental housing loans end due to prepayment, loan maturity, or foreclosure. In each situation, residents (including those who live in farm labor housing) may be threatened with displacement.

The webinar will cover protections available to residents, many of whom are seniors, including the right to notice of prepayment requests and to comment on them, and the right to secure RD vouchers and Letters of Priority Entitlement (LOPES). It will also address ways in which nonprofit and public agencies can preserve RD affordable housing.

The session is designed for tenant advocates, including lawyers and persons who work to preserve USDA RD rural rental housing. The webinar, which starts at 11 a.m. PT (12 p.m. MT; 1 p.m. CT; and 2 p.m. ET) will provide you the very latest and detailed information on how to assist RD rental housing residents facing displacement and how to preserve RD housing in your community. Click here to register! For more on this webinar, contact Jay Arellano at For more information on the National Housing Law Project's work to preserve housing for the elderly, contact Gideon Anders at

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