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April 23, 2013: NHLP Attorney, Karlo Ng, Testified before California's Senate Judiciary Committee

On April 16, 2013, Karlo Ng, Staff Attorney at NHLP, testified before California's Senate Judiciary Committee in support of SB 612, a bill co-sponsored by NHLP and the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. SB 612 would expand protections for survivors of domestic violence by amending California's early lease termination law, CA Civil Code 1946.7, in three important ways:

Covering survivors of human trafficking. SB 612 would extend Civil Code 1946.7’s protections to survivors of human trafficking so that they may terminate a lease with documentation of abuse. The current law covers survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and elder abuse.

Expanding documentation to show abuse. Currently, survivors can only use the law to break the lease if they have a police report or restraining order. The legislation would amend the law to allow documentation from a qualified third party, including a medical professional and a domestic violence or sexual assault counselor or caseworker.

Requiring confidentiality. SB 612 would ensure that documentation of the abuse remain confidential, except in limited situations. The existing law does not include any confidentiality provisions.

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill with a 7-0 vote. SB 612 now heads to the Senate Floor.

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