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April 2, 2013: NHLP Provides Assistance in Successful Tenant Litigation

Community Legal Services in Philadelphia successfully restored rental assistance for the senior tenants of Elders Place in a settlement agreement in the case Simmons v. HUD, with assistance from the Housing Preservation Project and NHLP.

In the case, Simmons v. HUD, tenants challenged HUD’s foreclosure sale of Elders Place without continuing the rental assistance contract as a violation of the Schumer Amendment. The settlement is based on the housing authority’s agreement to enter into a new project-based voucher contract to replace the terminated project-based contract, restoring rental assistance for the current and future tenants of Elders Place. Funds for the vouchers were provided by HUD when the prior project-based assistance was terminated.

Although unnecessarily complicated by HUD’s precipitous termination action, this settlement nevertheless provides an effective method of achieving the tenants’ primary goal of staying in their homes, and preserving the future affordability of Elders Place for other seniors in need.

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