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March 1, 2013: NHLP Seeks Additional HUD Rule-making for the Voucher and Public Housing Programs

In a February 26, 2013 memorandum, NHLP joined the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, National Low Income Housing Coalition and Poverty and Race Research Action Council in urging HUD to complete unfinished rulemaking for the voucher and public housing programs.

The advocates identify six new priority areas to help expand housing choice for voucher holders, enable more families to live in safe areas with access to high-performing schools, and help achieve HUD's goal of increasing the proportion of HUD-assisted families in low poverty and racially diverse communities.

Advocates also urge HUD to restore resident input in the assessment of PHA performance in the public housing program and to revise the RAD notice to incorporate resident protections available to public housing residents. The organizations also requested improvements to the Moving to Work (MTW) program and the applications process for both the public housing and the voucher programs.

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