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February 18, 2012: NHLP Urges Greater Protection for LEP Litigants

On January 25, 2013, NHLP submitted comments to the Judicial Council for the State of California regarding the proposed change to the California Rules of Court. The proposed change, which implements California Assembly Bill 2073, would require the Judicial Council to adopt uniform rules permitting local courts to mandate electronic filing and service for certain civil actions.

NHLP submitted comments highlighting the potential impact that this rule change could have on limited English proficient (LEP) civil litigants in the California court system. The letter urged the Judicial Council to automatically exempt individuals who represent themselves from mandatory electronic filing and service, ensure that these rule changes are adequately publicized to LEP populations, make sure that courts work with vendors and staff to provide translated guidance for electronic filing, and provide translations on English-language court documents.

Read the Judicial Council’s invitation to comment.

Read NHLP’s comment letter.

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