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July 19, 2011: Advocates Urge HUD to Improve Forms for Moving to Work Public Housing Agencies

On July 15, 2011, the National Housing Law Project and the Housing Justice Network submitted comments to HUD regarding the MTW program, which allows 32 PHAs to combine funding for their public housing and voucher programs and operate them independently of most statutory and regulatory restraints.

HUD is seeking to improve the Annual Plan and Annual Report form that MTW public housing agencies (PHAs) use to describe their innovative programs, to present their programs and plans to residents and the public for local comment and to comply with the MTW program goals and HUD data collection requirements. Many MTW PHAs lack rigorous data collection and evaluation methodologies and residents and the public are often confused about the specifics of a PHA’s plan.

Therefore, advocates urged HUD to improve the data collection and the information requested on the form so that residents may better understand and respond to the local MTW PHA proposals and the MTW program may be more effectively evaluated.

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