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NHLP Submits Comments to HUD Proposed Rule for National Housing Trust Fund

HUD has published a Proposed Rule which in its final form, will govern all aspects of the creation, operation and oversight of the National Housing Trust Fund. The NHTF, created by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 Pub. L. No. 110-289, tit. I, ยง 1131, is the object of an ongoing campaign seeking funding from Congress. Eighty percent of NHTF funds must be used for rental housing. Seventy-five percent must benefit extremely low-income families (less than 30% of AMI) and twenty-five percent must benefit very low-income families. Trust Fund dollars are intended to add a critical layer of capital to make existing or future assisted housing affordable to families most in need who cannot be served by reliance on existing funding streams. Additional rental subsidies will be critical to ensuring affordability to the intended population. A description of the major points of the Proposed Rule can be found on the NLIHC website.
Public comments may be submitted up through December 28, 2010.

NHLP submitted comments to the Proposed Rule:

On December 24, 2010, NHLP submitted comments to HUD's NHTF Proposed Rule that directly addresses the needs of applicants for and residents of Trust Fund-assisted housing. The comments call for: resident participation in the creation of the plans for such housing; applicant and resident rights to contest adverse actions and inactions of those who operate this housing; full implementation of Section 3 employment programs; third party rights for applicants and tenants to monitor performance and enforce the grantee, sub-grantee and recipients contractual, regulatory and statutory obligations; rent and utility allowances set at 30% of the tentant's adjusted income (Brooke Amendment levels); affordability periods of at least 55 years; and the eligibility of public housing agencies for funding through the Trust Fund.

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