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NHLP Launches Resident Engagement Initiative

Working with national advocates and HJN members from around the country, NHLP has recruited a representative group of public housing tenants and their partners and a representative group of voucher participants and their partners to engage with Secretary Donovan and HUD senior staff to discuss:

-The future of the HUD rental assistance programs
-Ways to maintain resident voices as policy proposals move forward
-Building an engaged and informed group of residents with ongoing, meaningful participatory role in HUD policies and programs

NHLP is providing training and technical assistance to the residents through webinars and conference calls in preparation for web-based meetings with HUD senior staff and face-to-face meetings with the Secretary in Washington, D.C. The first meeting with the Secretary took place on January 20th and the next meeting is scheduled for April 14, 2010. We are proud to play a role in making resident voices heard.

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