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HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Gives Major Policy Address at HJN Conference

TRA is designed to:

• Streamline and simplify HUD’s 13 rental assistance programs converting them to a single, integrated, coherent set of rules, delivered through a system that better aligns with the requirements of other financing streams and social service providers
• Shift from the public housing funding model to a rental subsidy funding stream that can attract capital from private and other public sources
• Combine the best features of tenant-based and project-based programs to encourage resident choice and mobility
• Preserve public housing units by maintaining targeting and affordability requirements for the lowest income families, prioritizing rehabilitation over demolition, and requiring one- for-one replacement
• Ensure robust tenant rights including tenant organizing, resident participation rights, access to supportive services, admissions policies and hearing rights

The Secretary acknowledged the role NHLP and HJN members have played in establishing and enforcing tenant rights and credited NHLP with helping him engage residents in policy dialogues with him regarding the TRA proposal. He closed by asking for HJN to work with him to build a “truly integrated federal housing system that serves families better –every family in every neighborhood.”
Read the Secretary's Speech

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